Tooth decay is a process where their teeth’s enamel is destroyed. Proper brushing and flossing have demonstrated their worth every time and that is why it is recommended to follow proper oral hygiene. So without much adieu let’s learn about this dental problem and measures to prevent it from occurring.

As mentioned before tooth decay is the destruction of tooth enamel. This dental issue can affect children, teens, and adults. The procedure of decay starts with plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, which is constantly forming on our teeth. When we eat or drink foods or beverages which are high in sugars, acid is made by the bacteria in plaque. This acid starts to attack the tooth enamel causing dental caries. It retains these acids in contact with your teeth now since the plaque is a sticky material, and within a time period the enamel begins to break down.

The types of dental caries formed 

1. Pit and fissure dental caries:

These types of dental caries are found quite often on the chewing surfaces of the teeth located at the back, and the back part of the teeth located in the front. Our tooth is made from several sections of the tooth, and in the intersection of these segments, pits and grooves are present. These pits and grooves trap plaque which eventually leads to tooth decay. With the suitable application of pit and fissure sealants, toughened material is applied. This assists in sealing pits and grooves when the teeth have erupted. It eventually prevents this type of dental caries. Now you have sealant on your own teeth, the odds of using restorations (fillings) on these surfaces of the teeth return to zilch.

2. Smooth surface dental caries:

These dental caries are found along the Gumline. Another place where they can be discovered is where two teeth contact called interproximal or the distance between teeth provided plaque types. The best method to get rid of the surface caries is the proper use of dental floss. You can use a manual or power toothbrush along the Gumline that may prevent dental caries in that region too.

There are so many selections available that can prevent caries. When you purchase a toothbrush check if it has angulation and bristles that can help eliminate plaque. There are particular power brushes that are not that cost effective. The best person to talk to about all this is your dental hygienist or dentist. They will help you select the best toothbrush that will be helpful for plaque removal.

When choosing toothpaste, be sure you see whether it’s ADA approved or not. These kinds of toothpaste contain fluoride which is an excellent way to prevent dental caries. Fluoride provides a protective coating that prevents the attack from plaque. However, speak to your dental professional and they’ll recommend a few brands that work wonders.

How To Reduce Dental Caries

According to many dental professionals at the Deer Valley Dental Care, dental caries or generally called a dental cavity or dental decay. This is a condition that is due to germs usually found in the oral cavity. It is by far the most widespread chronic disease which affects humans. Once it happens its manifestations will likely persist throughout life though the lesion is actually handled. Dental caries may be regarded as a disease of current civilization, believing that a person rarely experienced from dental caries.

The most important cause of dental caries is when people take in food that’s composed of starch or sugar it will stick to the crevices or grooves of the teeth. This slowly ferments to form acids. The picture that’s formed on the tooth is called. These germs damage the tooth enamel and also the process of dental caries is initiated.

The initial or earliest signs of dental caries are sensitivity to hot and cold foods. If one experiences this sensitivity he needs to immediately go to the dentist to have an early cure. A basic repair can take care of the problem and may detain the spread of caries to adjacent teeth.

Since the lesion progresses further more and will involve the inner layer, that’s the dentin, the individual will continue to experience signs of sensitivity to cold and hot meals. Just a little bit may increase and may last longer. At this phase, it is still not too late to visit the dentist and have a fix. The tooth can be preserved.

Once the lesion develops more and involves the pulp, the nerve center of the tooth, the individual will experience sharp or persistent pain from the tooth. This pain’s feature is the fact that it happens during the night once the person is lying down. It may continue all through the night and the person has to choose a pain killer to stop the pain. This stage is the “dying pulp” stage. The man or woman should go to the dentist and get medicine to relieve pain. The dentist often has to carry out a root canal therapy procedure in this case so as to save the tooth.

It’s quite vital to learn ways to stop dental caries. This can be removed by scrupulous dental hygiene procedures. Proper cleaning procedures ought to be followed to eliminate cavity-inducing plaque efficiently from all of the regions of the teeth as suggested by most dentists. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. Wash your mouth thoroughly following every meal. Use interdental help like toothpicks, dental floss and interdental brushes to clean the interdental areas that may not be reached by normal brushing. Clean your tongue on a daily basis. Make use of fluoride mouthwashes before going to bed, to rinse your mouth regularly. Fluoride assists in stopping dental decay. Choose tubes of toothpaste with fluoride. Their parents should check children from birth seeing their oral hygiene and habits. Dental caries can be eliminated and ceased if detected early.

Keep in mind these basic tips to take care of your teeth properly. Pay a visit to the dentist for a routine examination every 6 months.

Preventing Caries By The Food We Eat

So long as we have teeth inside our mouth, we can not escape barbarous caries. Dental caries is brought on by a multitude and varied ecosystem of bacteria within our mouth. These germs eat the sugar we eat up. They flourish in our oral cavity and are able to survive because of these foods which are considered trophic. From trophic, this usually means that is just as important for them as it’s very important to our survival.

The acid these bacteria create as a consequence of the metabolism (conversion) of glucose is responsible for causing the cavities in our teeth. These may either lead to the re-construction of this cavitated tooth or may progress into caries. The enamel is more susceptible to a more critical scenario After caries is initiated.

It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene when we want to prevent the destruction of our teeth from caries. The food that we eat contributes to the development of caries.

You may hear people tell you, “Don’t eat chocolates since these will DEFINITELY give you dental caries.” That is only correct. Dental caries per se is not solely dependent on the food’s sweetness or the amount of sugar that’s contained in that food stuff.

Whether it’s a loaf of bread, a piece of chocolate or a piece of chocolate, it does not really matter as long as you brush your teeth immediately after eating these cariogenic foods. Be aware that cariogenic differs from food. Foods are foods that are very likely to induce carcinogenic and caries foods are the ones that predispose a person when that person eats that food that is certain.

These germs would like it more if its host eats more regular without cleaning afterward. That’s why it is very a good idea to brush your teeth after eating cariogenic foods since it is extremely critical for the prevention of the progression of dental caries.


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