Thai Massage and Western Massage differ greatly in more ways than their own techniques. In Western countries, there is a continuous effort to prove scientifically why and how massage is advantageous. Most of the massage therapy profession has accepted science as their unofficial regulator. Therapists feel compelled to demonstrate their therapies hold up to the requirements of science and comply with scientific criteria.

Quite simply, the efficacy of massage needs to be demonstrated by scientific procedures to prevent allegations of unproven, unscientific, or unsubstantiated claims in regards to the therapy – what a mouthful! If you believe I am exaggerating, read a few of the disclaimers on massage intake forms you have to fill out before you receive a session.

Massage therapists at the West and Niagara cyclone massager go to amazing lengths to state that they do not mend, cure, diagnose, treat, prescribe, or enhance any medical condition and that only physicians can perform such things. I am aware of they have to do this so they don’t get sued.

Let’s use some common sense. Before the coming of health science, people around the world were treated with all kinds of therapies and remedies. Occasionally they worked and they did not. Nowadays we have modern hospitals and occasionally their treatments work and they do not. The one big difference is that hospitals and their treatments, medications, and processes are one of the leading causes of death in the united states. In contrast, tell me how many people died on massage tables!

Does anyone actually believe that a well-trained massage therapist who has maybe a decade of experience of working with and directly touching hundreds or thousands of individuals can’t ever enhance any health condition? Compare that to a normal physician who’s forced by the insurance companies to spend as little time as possible together with his patients and who runs to the area, spends five minutes with you without barely touching you at all, and leaves you with a prescription of compounds which he understands nothing about except what a pharmaceutical rep told him.

I would like to emphasize that I have the best respect for some exceptionally useful medical processes. Modern Physicians can do amazing things when they stitch together victims of horrible accidents or allow amputees to operate again. However, the track record of contemporary medical science for treating most chronic and immune system-related ailments is quite poor.

Now let us compare this to the Asian version, especially Thai Massage. In Thailand nobody needs to complete intake forms, nobody sues massage therapists, no therapist must comply with scientific requirements, massage therapists or other natural healers can diagnose ailments to the extent of their knowledge, and they can treat such circumstances to the extent of their skills. This is the Thermo cyclopad from niagarassage. If what they do isn’t working, the clients can of course try their luck elsewhere, such as in a physician’s office. Or they could do both.

No Thai massage therapist has to explain scientifically what precisely their therapy is doing. No customer expects that. The therapists do not know anything about the science behind it because the entire version of Asian natural medicine is not based as much on physiology, anatomy, and science as on invisible energy flow and energy lines that can’t be viewed from the eye, a microscope, or detected in a test tube. But the energy could be sensed by experienced therapists, also it can be altered by Thai massage therapies. 

From my vantage point of living in Thailand, I know from personal experience that Thai massage does and can enhance many conditions. A few of those cannot be enhanced by science. After all, a rigid neck is surely better handled by massage treatment than by chemical muscle relaxants. And anxiety, a leading cause of so many ailments is treated more effectively by massage than by chemicals.

Here in Thailand, most of us know that some massage therapists are fairly useless while some are incredibly good and effective. So we proceed to the fantastic ones. Massage is not a luxury here such as in western nations. The majority of folks can afford massage without costing too much. There is not any competition here between medical and massage science. They coexist quite peacefully.

Am I really saying that what is better in Thailand? No, that is not my purpose. I’m comparing two quite different systems. It’s undoubtedly more relaxing and much simpler to take care of the massage system in Thailand. However, I believe the Asian model could benefit from a western input like more anatomical knowledge or vulnerability to additional healing therapies which are more prevalent in western nations.

Anybody who has ever been to Thailand knows the fantastic feeling of having the ability to get a full body massage or perhaps a fast foot massage nearly anywhere and for very little money. You can get treatments on the beach, on the sidewalk, in open-air massage shops, in temples, in active markets and malls, in airports, in spas, or in your own home. For more details, visit their website.

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