Yoga Intermediate creates a deeper understanding of yoga, building strength & endurance, with frequent practice of Iyengar yoga poses such as backbends, headstand/shoulderstand & pranayama.

Yoga Intermediate for students are structured to aid you to proceed through the course levels at your own pace. If you are an intermediate student of yoga & attend a Yoga Intermediate, you can make certain that the course is specifically designed only for this level. When you feel you will need a harder class you may consult with the teachers at Yoga Jivana or attend a yoga complex class or class. You also have the freedom to join a Yoga Intermediate when it suits you, in addition to alter the days you attend, and with courses always running you aren’t bound by term/course start & finish dates.

Practice traditional Hatha Yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), cleansing exercises (kriyas) and introductory meditation. Learn the theory behind the various paths of Yoga, the energy of the brain, as well as the energetic body.

Open to those who have completed Yoga 2, or are practicing yoga in an Intermediate level. A three-week course meeting twice each week.

This good practice will ground you, expand the heart and get your blood pumping. Anticipate a flow filled with sun salutations in addition to instinctive movement and breath work. Previous yoga experience is advised.